In a Hectic World

Find your purpose and use it to change the lives of the people around you.

Our message behind Hectic Wear is to empower creatives of our age to practice the Pursuit of Passion through design and high quality garments. 

Through a brand that strives to mean something greater than ourselves.

A brand that encourages drive and hardwork.

This Is Our Purpose.



Impact is everything

I'm gonna be honest with you, probably the best sweater I've ever had, it's just super warm and comfy, it's already been to two states and it's been places like never before.

Iliya Bordiyan @iliyaa__

What I want out of life is a Hectic Wear t-shirt. So I bought one just now

Moses Eshiet @mose_eshiet

Ah man, too late to use the discount, I was too excited but I'm glad I didn't. I want you to get the full amount. I really appreciate your passion and your message. Stay positive!

Indigo Robinson @konthelouisvuitton

When the Ts drop? Going to the islands next month I want some fresh new sh*t to wear

Dominique Henry @henri_thewzrd

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